Resources - Group Usage Policy

Thank you for choosing to use our logo(s) in your marketing material. We thought you'd find these simple usage guidelines helpful.

After thorough evaluation in the Labs we feel confident in providing one of our prestigious awards to your product(s). The Media Team is flexible on you being able to use awarded logos in the correct context, so here are the ground rules:

The award logos are copyrighted to The Media Team. Please don’t distribute them to anyone else.

You don't need to contact The Media Team each time for permission to use them, but, out of courtesy, we do request that you email us when you have used them, just so that we have it on file. Send a confirmation email to

If you've won an award or are quoting commentary from the review, please feel free to use the appropriate logo. You can use the individual logo when quoting us and the specific award logos for products which have won the award.

Please make sure you use the right logo - upgrading your product to a higher award is dishonest and that's something neither The Media Team nor your customers will appreciate. We’re sure you can see the implicit logic in this.

This also includes similar but not the same products, by the way. For example, a reference review doesn't mean it's your product just because you put a sticker on it and sell it in the channel.

So pretty simple, folks. However, if you aren't sure please shoot an email to and we will come back to you super-fast with a simple answer.

We work closely with you; we know you are sensible and smart, and we trust you to do the right thing. Help us to help you.


The Media Team.